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Making Dreams Come True

A free spirit, indeed, and a bona fide pleasure-seeker, Roschelle has become a lover of all things travel. Travel is the only thing that makes us richer and the exploration of different people and cultures has brought her immeasurable value and soul cleansing. Throughout the course of nearly four decades she has been fortunate to visit well over seventeen countries, spanning the continent of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Caribbean, not to mention a plethora of cities throughout the United States.  These amazing and rewarding travel experiences are the type Roschelle cannot keep to herself, and for that reason has joined the ongoing campaign to share the gospel of travel with as many like-minded souls as possible.  



Turning a Vision into Reality

 Jonelle’s love for people extends out of her love for Christ and the unspeakable joy that He brings to her life each and everyday. She was born in raised in Brooklyn, NY!  Some would say her wanderlust spirit runs as deep as her Aquarian nature and Caribbean roots. She enjoys hearing and sharing stories from locals in her travels but nothing tops her desire to create unforgettable stories with those who travel with her along her journeys around the globe.



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